Driven by human beauty, Dr. Dibo puts his education and experience to the benefit of his patients to help them gain confidence and feel comfortable with their body. Known for his comprehensive and personable approach, he and his team of experts are dedicated to providing patients with the latest technologies and services in Plastic and Cosmetic procedures.

Meet The Surgeon

Dr Saad Dibo

Chilean Lebanese, earned his doctorate in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as general medicine from the American University of Beirut (AUB). He then performed his specialty fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Universite Libre De Bruxelles.

Member of several associations:

  • ISAPS: International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • LSPRAS: Lebanese Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • IFATS: International Federation of Adipose Tissue Sciences
  • ISPRESS: International Society of Plastic and Regenerative Surgeons

Winner of the surgery best senior teaching resident award for the Academic Year 2013-2014.

1st Annual Congress of the Lebanese Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery & World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent October 14-17,2010 Beirut Lebanon.

Second Prize winner for the residents’ research competition.

First prize winner at the First Department of Surgery research day, May 2010 (at the American University of Beirut medical center).

Over 60 publications and book chapters in reconstructive plastic surgery books, journals and posters.

Meet the team

Clinic Manager

Nada Jibril

Nada joined the clinic back in 2017 equipped with 11 years of healthcare experience in the cosmetic field. Nada’s abroad years of expertise in the GCC enhanced her journey with multiple qualities that added value to her role; working under pressure, decision making and diversity. Being trained and certified on the world-top cosmetic machines such as Alixendrite, Hydrafacial, Morpheus (RF) and Microneedling..etc. Creating a “Wow” experience at the clinic reflected well on the growth of both the team and patients; patients database from 200 to 39,000, covering 3 locations and team grew from 2 to 7 in 5 years! Nada’s ambition never ends here and her strive to provide patients with high-end cosmetic service will always remain her main focus.

Clinic Manager & Registered Nurse

Alaa Zakaria

Tripoli and Dr. Dibo Keserwan Cosmetic Clinics Alaa has all the qualifications and knowledge to work in all of the common procedures required by today’s nursing staff. He is well experienced in building positive relationships with patients, physicians and other medical professionals. Throughout his work in the field of plastic surgery, Alaa developed his skills in combining his passion for aesthetic surgery and patient care. Hence, patients trust Alaa while working with the different types of machines and treatments in the clinic. Alaa also manages the daily operations; surgeries bookings, supplies, preparations, and assists Dr Dibo in surgeries, instruments preparation in Tripoli and Dr. Dibo Keserwan Cosmetic clinics. With his exceptional interpersonal skills and his dedication to providing the best service, Alaa has helped lead the expansion of Jounieh’s Clinic, and has supported the launch of Dr. Dibo’s Keserwan Cosmetic Clinic.

Registered Nurse

Abbas Abbas

Tripoli and Dr. Dibo Keserwan Cosmetic Clinics With over 5 years of experience, Abbas serves as a licensed nurse at Dr Dibo’s clinics in Tripoli and Jounieh. He stays in close contact with every patient and monitors her/his experience from start to finish. He ensures that patients understand what to anticipate before and after their visit. He looks forward to meeting new patients and welcomes previous patients back to the clinic. His natural desire to support others is evident in his personality, morals and work ethics. Abbas also provides Dr. Dibo with support in his daily operations; supplies, preparations, and assists Dr Dibo in surgeries, instruments preparation in Tripoli and Dr. Dibo Keserwan Cosmetic Clinic clinics.

Registered Nurse

Aphroditte Sabra

Aphrodite is highly sought by our patients. With more than 10 years of experience in nursing and trained in the most advanced surgical techniques, Aphrodite delivers successful outcomes. Her passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery is evident in every case and well-revealed in our patients’ thankful reviews. She guarantees that every patient’s experience is safe, effective, and comfortable.

Clinic Assistant

Dima Hadid

Dima always wanted to work in the medical field since she has a strong desire to help others. She started working with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies in 2013.She then moved into the field of plastic surgery, which became her genuine passion. Dima quickly developed her skills through combining her passion for aesthetic surgery. She assists Dr. Dibo with patient management, basic diagnostic tests, and recordkeeping. along with her proactive approach towards ensuring excellent patient care.

Clinic Assistant

Sally Kallout

To make every patient’s surgery experience life-changing, Sally strives to go above and beyond expectations. What makes her the happiest is witnessing the patients’ self-confidence boost after they’ve undergone aesthetic transformations.

With over 5 years of experience in the medical field, she is professional at assisting Dr. Dibo in the surgical and non-surgical services. Sally’s precise skills have obtained the respect of patients and staff. She is responsible for obtaining patient information and providing guidance on clinic procedures.

Clinic Assistant

Geneva Hamaty

Dr. Dibo Keserwan Cosmetic Clinic As a highly motivated and adaptable assistant willing to utilize her experience, knowledge and skills to provide high quality services. Geneva’s strong career experience of over 15 years, throughout working in the hospital and healthcare industry helped her to fulfill the patients’ needs. Medicine and patient care are two things that Geneva is passionate about. Every day, she comes to work with a genuine smile and a cheerful attitude in order to make every patient feel at ease.

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