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What is Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping Surgery)?

MSome people are born with ears they’re not comfortable with because they’re too big or oddly shaped. There are several congenital defects which can lead to otoplasty as a way of trying to improve your ear.
Since the pinna of the ear is made up of cartilage tissues and the shape of the ear can easily be altered using cosmetic surgery, otoplasty can be a simple and permanent solution for prominent ears that's a relatively complication-free operation because the ear tissues have no major nerve endings or blood vessels.

Key Facts

  • Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia or IV sedation
  • Procedure duration: 1 hour
  • Length of stay: same-day procedure
  • Discomfort level: Mild, controlled with pain medications
  • What to expect: Swelling up to 1 week
  • Duration time till final result: Immediate
  • Sustainability of results: Permanent

Frequently Asked Questions

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