Chemical Skin Peeling


What is Chemical Skin Peeling (Amelan)?

Patchy over pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), particularly of the face is called melasma. It can be a terribly disfiguring problem for some women and men and can occur in any skin type, but those with naturally darker skins are particularly prone to develop this problem.

It can be caused by sun exposure, trauma, inflammation in the skin and sometimes hormonal changes, which is why it can sometimes appear in women during pregnancy, when it is called cholasma. Unfortunately, the over pigmented patches can be uneven, large, unsightly and very prominent, and once they have developed, they can be permanent unless effective treatment is offered. Most treatments that are offered are not very effective and often, nothing more than a thick camouflage or concealer cream is suggested as treatment.

Fortunately, Amelan is the only extremely effective medical treatment for this problem that will return the skin to its natural even color and complexion within a very short space of time. Amelan is a skin depigmentation treatment that is widely used.
It is made from Kojic acid, Phytic acid, Retinol-palmitate and Vitamin C. This medium depth peel renews the surface of the skin to remove surface hyperpigmentation. The outcome is a brighter even-toned look.

The Benefits

  • Returns the skin to its natural status
  • Rapid results
  • Its components renew the surface of the skin
  • Removes surface hyperpigmentation
  • Gives a brighter to even-toned look outcome

Frequently Asked Questions

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