What is Abdominoplasty?Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) is the ideal choice for women and men who are bothered by the loose and saggy appearance of their abdomen.A flabby abdomen is due to high body fat, poor elasticity of the skin, excess skin, stretching of the inner girdle of connective tissue fascia and muscles extension from the ribs [...]

Arm Lift

What is Arm Lift?An arm lift (brachioplasty) is a surgical body contouring procedure. Fluctuations in weight, aging and heredity cause drooping, sagging in the upper arm appearance. This is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise. The Surgeon might combine the procedure with some liposuction, if the removal of extra fat is necessary.The Benefits [...]

Body Contouring / Sculpting

What is Body Contouring?Body contouring usually consists of a few to several different surgical procedures and is customized to your body. Body contouring can help restore a streamlined, proportionate physique that makes a brand-new wardrobe possible.It may involve procedures to: Get rid of extra skin Eliminate excess fat Reshape or contour the area The Benefits [...]


What is BOTOX?BOTOX Cosmetic is one of the most effective and popular treatment options for fine facial lines and wrinkles.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is BOTOX? BOTOX is an FDA-approved injectable treatment primarily for forehead lines as well as excessive sweating of the underarms and hands. BOTOX is derived from naturally existing compounds that have been purified [...]

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL (Fat Transfer to Buttock)?BBL surgery offers a way to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks for patients who want a more attractive-looking backside and for patients who want to balance the proportions of their figure. The buttocks are a difficult area of the body to shape [...]

Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures. Many women are unhappy with the natural size and appearance of their breasts which can negatively affect their self-confidence and comfort.The BenefitsEnhances the size and appearance of the breasts Brings balance to the appearance of the figure Key FactsType of anesthesia: General anesthesia [...]

Breast Lift

What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?Breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight and the general aging process all take their toll on a woman's shape. Drooping, saggy breasts that have lost their volume and contours are uncomfortable and an undeniable sign of a woman's age.The Benefits Lifts sagging breast tissue Reshapes the breasts in order to enhance their overall [...]

Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?Breast reconstruction is a physically and emotionally rewarding procedure for women who have lost one or both breasts due to genetic susceptibility or breast cancer. When faced with a mastectomy, it’s normal to feel anxious, sad and uncertain about giving up a part of your body. Your breasts may be closely tied [...]

Breast Reduction

What is Breast Reduction?Breast reduction is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. In fact, disproportional large breasts can place a lot of pressure on the joints and muscles of the body which can lead to chronic pain and soreness. Many women with breasts that are too large for [...]

Chemical Skin Peeling

AmelanWhat is Chemical Skin Peeling (Amelan)?Patchy over pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), particularly of the face is called melasma. It can be a terribly disfiguring problem for some women and men and can occur in any skin type, but those with naturally darker skins are particularly prone to develop this problem. It can be caused by sun exposure, [...]

Circular Liposuction

What is Circular Liposuction (LIPO 360)?As its name suggests, circular liposuction is a liposuction procedure that focuses on the front and back of the body, a full treatment that encompasses the whole body. If you only treat the front of the body, you may not achieve the waistline desired as the body does not just [...]

Eyelid Surgery

What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?As its name suggests, circular liposuction is a liposuction procedure that focuses on the front and back of the body, a full treatment that encompasses the whole body. If you only treat the front of the body, you may not achieve the waistline desired as the body does not just exist [...]


What is Facelift?Facelift is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess skin from the neck, lower jawline, and jowl to give the lower two-thirds of the face a more youthful and rested appearance. Key Facts Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia or local with IV sedation. Procedure duration: 2 to 3 hours. Length of stay: Home [...]


FillersWhat are Fillers?Facelift is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess skin from the neck, lower jawline, and jowl to give the lower two-thirds of the face a more youthful and rested appearance.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat Are Fillers Used For? There are many uses for dermal fillers that include but not limited to: Plump & enhance [...]


What is Gynecomastia?Male chest contouring is a surgical procedure to correct enlarged male breasts. Men’s enlarged breasts can be caused by two factors. The first is pseudo-gynecomastia, which is the result of excess fat accumulation in the breast area. The second factor, is a condition known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition in which the [...]

Breast Implant Exchange

What is Breast Implant Exchange?Breast implant exchange surgery is done for women who are unhappy with their current breast implant size, type, shape, or overall appearance. Some women may also experience complications such as capsular contracture or major changes to the appearance of their breast as a result of pregnancy or other factors that warrant [...]


What is Labiaplasty?With childbirth and age, a woman’s vaginal area can get lax and even lose some of the elasticity and the appearance it previously had. Also, there are some women who are simply unhappy with the general appearance of their outer labia. Labiaplasty can be done for cosmetic reasons, or for hygienic and functional [...]


What is Liposuction?Liposuction is a very common procedure for fat removal. The passage of time and the effects of gravity, coupled with weight fluctuations and pregnancy, take their toll on the body. The abdomen often becomes slack, the chin and neck can lose their definition, the arms become droopy and lumpy, and the buttocks and [...]

Mommy Makeover

What is Mommy Makeover?Mommy Makeover is a unique and individualized combination of procedures designed to tighten the abdominal muscles and enhance the body. The body goes through a number of physical changes during pregnancy. While some of these changes are temporary, others can remain long after childbirth. Some women struggle to lose all the excess [...]


What is Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping Surgery)?MSome people are born with ears they’re not comfortable with because they’re too big or oddly shaped. There are several congenital defects which can lead to otoplasty as a way of trying to improve your ear. Since the pinna of the ear is made up of cartilage tissues and the [...]


What is Rhinoplasty?Informally known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic surgical procedure. It involves reshaping the cartilage, bone, and tissue that comprise a person's nose. The main purpose of having a nose job is to achieve a balance between a person's nose and their other facial features. Key Facts Type of [...]

Scar Revision

What is Scar Revision?A noticeable or large scar can be the source of unwanted attention and can cause some to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with their appearance. Key Facts Type of anesthesia: Local or IV sedation Procedure Duration: Up to one hour Length of stay: Same day procedure Discomfort level: Mild, controlled with pain medications [...]

Thigh Lift

What is Thigh Lift?Individuals with loose excess skin around their inner thighs can often feel very self-conscious about the appearance of their thighs. Loose excess thigh skin can prevent them from wearing shorts, skirts, swimwear, and other types of clothing. A thigh lift, also known as inner thigh contouring, provides a way to tighten loose [...]


EVOLVE is an innovative contouring solution that uses safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to target skin tightening, permanent localized fat destruction and muscle building and toning for total tissue contouring and body shaping. It uses three different techniques to yield the best results: Tite – Skin Remodeling Trim – Body & Cellulite Treatment Tone [...]

Hydra Beauty / Hydra Facial

AboutHydra Beauty / Hydra FacialHydra Facial is a facial treatment using a patented device to deliver exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, and hydration to the face. This new upgraded multifunctional face steamer for pore, improve skin quality and restore the elasticity of the skin. How it works This system uses a vortex swirling action to deliver hydration [...]

Pain-Free Alexandrite Laser (Hair Removal)

(Revolutionary Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Treatment)Pain-Free Alexandrite Laser Hair RemovalMotus AX is a laser hair removal treatment. It is one of the top laser device producers in Europe. It uses an alexandrite laser, the most powerful hair removal laser, which seeks out dark pigment in order to destroy hair follicles and break up pigment [...]

LED Light Face Mask

AboutLED Light Face MaskResearch has proven that LED face masks can effectively treat a multitude of skin concerns. Its benefits include treating acne, regulating natural oil production, stimulating collagen and elastin and minimizing redness and wrinkles. Certain wavelengths have even been shown to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone. This skincare technique helps: treat [...]

Micro needling

(Collagen Induction Therapy)Micro needlingMicro needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses small sterilized needles to prick the skin. It generates new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin. Micro needling is mostly used on the face, it reduces the appearance of acne and treats various scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, [...]


(Full Body Fractional Remodeling)Morpheus8 is the only device that combines radiofrequency with the micro needling technique. It is a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy for face and body subdermal adipose remodeling. Along with its design that remodels collagen and coagulates adipose tissue. It penetrates deep into the skin and fat [...]

Face & Body Fillers

What are Fillers?Over the past decade or so, injectables have risen significantly in popularity. These treatments can reduce the visible signs of aging, potentially smoothing over facial wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and more. What’s more, injectables are administered quickly and non-invasively in an office setting; it takes just minutes to receive an injectable, there is [...]

Fat Dissolvers

What are Fat Dissolvers?Fat dissolvers are commonly used to treat “double chin.” This procedure is perfect for the patient that does not want surgery. Fat dissolvers are composed of deoxycholic acid, and/or Phosphatidylcholine, and/or Lipase which are naturally occurring chemicals in the body that breaks down fat.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy to Use Fat Dissolvers? The main [...]